Saepes Fences - Aged Brownstone

Saepes Fences - Aged Brownstone

The Saepes Fences are a versatile set of seven separate fence sections which can be arranged however you desire. The ends are square on three sides so you can join each section end-to-end or at a 90 degree angle. Each fence section is 5 inches long. Perfect for enclosing a treasure-filled crypt, or slowing down the zombie hordes! The set includes:

  • 1 Breach section
  • 1 Closed gate section
  • 1 Open gate section
  • 4 Straight sections

The Saepes Fences are produced in a tough polyurethane resin, not a flexible rubber like our other terrain. They are available in unpainted polyurethane, or painted to a good tabletop quality in Grimdark Gray.

Image Credits:
· Miniatures © Red Box Games for scale purposes only and are not included with the terrain set.
· Miniatures painted by Battleworthy Arts.
· This set includes components produced under license from Hirst Arts.

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