Domus Ruins - Unpainted

Domus Ruins - Unpainted

The Domus Ruins are a versatile set of four separate ruins, produced using our virtually indestructible rubber. These gothic-styled building corners could fit superbly in gaming settings for a war-torn city of the far future, in a dilapidated high fantasy temple, or even in a bombed out church in contemporary Europe. This high quality 28mm terrain set comes unpainted in black polyurethane, but is also available prepainted in either Aged Brownstone or Grimdark Gray.

Image Credits:
 · Miniatures © Dreamforge-Games - used by permission for scale purposes only, and are not included with the Ruins set.
· Miniatures painted by Jonathan Bursch.
· This set includes components produced under license from Hirst Arts.

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These terrain pieces were made possible by the generous support of the following Kickstarter Backers :


Special thanks to: Kirk Damman

Running massive planetscale games of 40k poses significant terrain challenges. Cost, durability, storability and weight are important factors when planning scenery for a "tabletop" of 10,000 square feet! Kirk saw Advanced Terrain as an answer to a few of these problems and has become a significant Backer. We're working hard not to disappoint, though it may take us some time before we've got terrain pieces big enough to hide a Titan!

For more information on Kirk's projects, visit:


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