These products are in the concept or development stage, not currently in production. Not everything here is pretty, or will even see the light of day, but over-sharing has worked out for us in the past. Have an idea for a cool terrain piece you think would fit in well? Tell us about it on Facebook!



As solidly built as it may be, the elegant architecture of Tarsus has not survived the depredations of the years unscathed. These beautiful columns once lined major roadways throughout the city, but now have fallen into ruin.

Stage: Pre-production!


A low-walled patio, which may have once graced the gardens of a wealthy nobleman's estate. The walls match perfectly with our Conseptum Walls to provide visual continuity.

Stage: Pre-production!


Perfect for giving a bit of height to your table, or acting as an objective. Make it a natural strongpoint by reinforcing it with walls, barricades or fallen columns.

Stage: Master sculpt preparation


Fallen masonry in the city has not gone unused. Ad hoc emplacements and barricades have been scraped together from the rubble, providing excellent cover for your troops.

Stage: Master sculpt preparation



A small, lightly ruined building. Though it has been long since plundered of its relics, the large side windows can create great fire-lanes for a squad lucky enough to find refuge within.

Stage: Master sculpt preparation

Ruined House

What was once a small domicile, now abandoned and in disrepair. Though not a spacious house, the walls are sturdy stone.

Stage: Sculpting

Shrine, Encore

The former inhabitants of Tarsus were a pious people, spreading their religious devotion on a pantheon of gods, both great and minor. As a result, small shrines of worship are commonly found among the ruins.

Stage: Sculpting


Perhaps an armory, or a storage facility, this remains of this squat tower now shelter only rats and rubble.

Stage: Sculpting


City Floor Mats

Now this one is really exciting. Beautiful game terrain on a bare table top still leaves a lot to the imagination. So we're working on a series of modular city "floor boards" that can be laid down beneath everything. This example here has a street incorporated into it, but we've since gone with a more flexible approach of layering streets on top of the floor boards as separate pieces. This gives the advantage of being able to lay out your roads in any configuration you want, and not having to buy a whole set of slightly different floor boards.

One of the most difficult trade-offs here is Realism versus Playability. We would love to have rubble and gravel and chunks of masonry strewn about, as befits a city in decay. But we also know that miniatures are often very unstable and top heavy. So we're striking a balance between detail and stability, and favoring playability. It might look good, but if you need to blue-tack your miniatures to it, it's getting in the way of the game.

Stage: Prototyping