Fallen Columns - Aged Brownstone

Fallen Columns - Aged Brownstone

As solidly built as it may have been, the elegant architecture of Tarsus has not survived the depredations of the years completely unscathed. These beautifully detailed columns once lined major roadways throughout the city, but now have fallen into ruin.

  • A set of four unique columns, ranging from 4" high to 5" long.

Like all our terrain, the Columns are produced in a virtually indestructible rubber, and are available painted to a good tabletop quality in Aged Brownstone (shown), or Grimdark Gray.

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Image Credits:
· Miniatures © DreamForge Games, are used by permission for scale purposes only, and are not included with the terrain set.
· Miniatures painted by Jonathan Bursch.
· This set includes components produced under license from Hirst Arts.

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