Conseptum Terrace - Aged Brownstone

Conseptum Terrace - Aged Brownstone

A low-walled patio, which may have once graced the gardens of a wealthy nobleman's estate. The centuries have not been kind to it's once-elegant lines, but the solid stone structure still provides excellent cover for a small squad under fire. The style of the Terrace matches  perfectly with our Conseptum Walls to provide visual continuity throughout your city... or tabletop!

  • The Terrace measures approximately 5" x 7"

Like all our terrain, the Terrace is produced in a virtually indestructible rubber, and is available painted to a good tabletop quality in Aged Brownstone (shown), or Grimdark Gray.

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Image Credits:
· Miniatures © DreamForge Games, are used by permission for scale purposes only, and are not included with the terrain set.
· Miniatures painted by Jonathan Bursch.
· This set includes components produced under license from Hirst Arts.

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