First Ruin Created

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Domus Ruin A
Well, we have our first "corner" created already. Not much to look at, but this is a critical piece: the master model. From this we will be able to create a mold, and from that we can crank out some copies. We started with a small piece so we can experiment a lot - there are going to be a lot of trials before we finalize on a production process. Our current thinking is that there will be four to five pieces in the Domus Ruins set: four corners, plus possibly an interior wall.

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Initial Model Selected: the Domus Ruins

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We've decided our first scenery piece should actually be a set of smaller models. Keeping the size small will allow us to experiment and prototype our hearts out without wasting too much time or materials. The terrain pieces should also be somewhat simple... we're going to be learning as we go here, and Notre Dame is probably a poor starter project. So, we're going to do a fairly basic building ruin, the kind of ruin where all that's left of a once-proud structure are the corners, or doorway, or sections of the building that were particularly durable. One of the other cool things about this is that it gives the gamer a lot of choice in how they set up the terrain. You can bring the pieces close for some dense cover, open it up a bit to represent a larger ruin, or even spread them around the board as ruins of separate buildings.

Here's some of the inspiration we drew from the interwebs:

Ruined Terrain Inspiration 1

Ruined Terrain Inspiration 2

Ruined Terrain Inspiration 3

The Master Plan

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You can read more on our design goals in About Us, but Advanced Terrain's final goal is to have a complete city created: enough beautiful terrain pieces to adequately cover a 6' x 4' games table. And not just sparse terrain like might be seen in a WarHammer 40k game; we want it to look like a real city, with roads, sidewalks, multistory buildings, walls, gardens, hills, you name it. We're calling it... the city of Tarsus. Yes, that's a real city, we know... we'll be stealing a lot of names from the Greek and Roman eras!

Stylistically, we're looking at a kind of mashup of genres that will work for many different eras and games. We jokingly call the style "Osgothino": Osgilliath (from the Lord of the Rings movies) meets Gothic (think Games Workshop's Imperium) meets Monte Cassino (a beautiful monastery in Italy, which was largely destroyed during the Second World War).

Osgiliath + Imperium + Monte Cassino = WIN?

Clawing Our Way Online...

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Welcome to the new and improved Wasn't hard to improve over the previous "DNS name not found" error, but still: sweet, sweet progress. Things are still going to be a little crunchy around here until we get all the pages fixed up... hey, where's a 1997-style under construction graphic when I need one? Ahhhh, here we go...
Under Construction