New Sets & Lower Prices!!!

Posted by Patrick Brossard on July 09, 2012 0 Comments

Hey, we've got some good news for you all... The Columns and Terrace sets are in production and on their way! We should be getting our first sets ready for sale by the end of July.

Next, some bad news - we are temporarily closing the web store, you'll find everything is out of stock. But the reason for this is fantastic: we're going to be able to lower our prices! How often does that happen nowadays? With the new stock coming in we've been able to save some steps, and money, on the production and we're lowering the set prices as a result. Don't worry, same crazy toughness, same great paint jobs.

We don't want any unlucky customers buying now and feeling ripped off when the prices drop, so we're just closing up shop until the new stock comes - should be by August. And besides, it's summer and the nice weather has finally come to Seattle ;)

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