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Posted by Patrick Brossard on April 19, 2012 0 Comments

International Shipping is apparently a big, huge, pain in the neck.

We've had to turn off automatic fulfillment from our warehouse for international (outside the U.S.) orders. With the insane shipping costs, the random (and equally insane!) customs, brokerage and/or VAT fees, customers were getting hit with nasty surprises. Sorry, this even means you, Canada!

The good news is that we'll still ship internationally, and it will be much cheaper as we'll be using the plain old United States Postal Service. If you want to place an order for delivery outside the US, just contact us at and we'll get you a shipping quote.

We're also working on importing case lots to Canada and the UK, so hopefully once that's figured out we'll be able automate shipping again to all of North America and Europe.

Sorry for the incovenience!


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