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Posted by advancedterrain on August 23, 2011 0 Comments
Big Yellow Mold

Zounds! It's been a crazy few weeks. The Kickstarter campaign, uh, kicked off, and quickly exceeded our expectations. Really, really exceeded them, I believe we're about 400% funded as of this writing, and we still have a week to go. This is great!

Anyways, blah blah blah, enough about the business side of things. Since it looks like the funding is a sure thing, we've accelerated our plans. We've gone ahead and gotten the mold maker to commence work, and he has just delivered a sample of our first production case mold. That's the big yellow block there. Not much to look at, is it? No, but it's a beautiful, beautiful thing to behold, particularly if you had seen my own efforts at producing such a mold. Is there a middle ground between dismal failure and abject failure? If so, I had found it.

So, with a bit of luck... we will be pumping out some produciton pieces even ahead of the early September funding date!

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