Footing Replaced & Recycled Rubber

Posted by advancedterrain on July 05, 2011 0 Comments

Prototype Footing

Finally got around to finding a replacement for the EVA foam footing. We found a great thin rubber matting, made from recycled tire rubber. It's got a nice texture on one side to make give the terrain a little more grip, and it's thinner and tougher than the EVA. The cost is only slightly more, so it's a good upgrade all around.

While we were hunting around for a suitable replacement, we ran across a recycled tire re-use industry we never even knew existed. Apparently all these discarded tires are becoming quite an environmental problem. Anyways, to make long story short, we additionally ran across a form of "crumb rubber" that can be used as a filler material. We're going to be playing around with filling the terrain with recycled tire rubber. This will make the terrain tougher (yay!) but also heavier (boo!). We'll do some testing and see if it's something we want to pursue...

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