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Possibly I'm the last person on the Internet to get wind of Kickstarter, but... wow!
No, we'll fire up the 'ole triple exclamations here: Wow!!! I could not have imagined a concept more perfect for the kind of small-batch creative work we do.
This might actually make it possible for us to reach a larger audience.

They explain it much better on their site, but this is basically the gist of it:

  • Somone (like us!) has a creative project in mind, but not enough capital (that's money) to do it properly
  • So, they describe their project on Kickstarter, list how much capital they need, and get it in front of a bunch of people for a set period
  • If people are interested, they pledge some money in return for "Rewards", which is generally the product, but sometimes other cool stuff
  • At the end of the time, if the project has met its target, the pledged money is gathered and they execute the project
  • If the target is not met, not enough people were interested in your project: no pledges are paid, everyone walks away
  • We can't produce enough terrain to meet any serious demand with our homebrew molds. However, proffesionally produced molds cost a lot.
    Well, it's actually not that much, just a lot for our "poor gamer" standards... let's say $2,000 for the whole Domus Ruins set at a guess. Now that's not very
    many pieces to sell in order to make that back, but none of us have $2,000 lying around. But, if we can test the waters first, line up a few dozen
    prospective buyers... all of a sudden it's possible!

    We are so doing this.

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