Initial Model Selected: the Domus Ruins

Posted by advancedterrain on May 23, 2011 0 Comments

We've decided our first scenery piece should actually be a set of smaller models. Keeping the size small will allow us to experiment and prototype our hearts out without wasting too much time or materials. The terrain pieces should also be somewhat simple... we're going to be learning as we go here, and Notre Dame is probably a poor starter project. So, we're going to do a fairly basic building ruin, the kind of ruin where all that's left of a once-proud structure are the corners, or doorway, or sections of the building that were particularly durable. One of the other cool things about this is that it gives the gamer a lot of choice in how they set up the terrain. You can bring the pieces close for some dense cover, open it up a bit to represent a larger ruin, or even spread them around the board as ruins of separate buildings.

Here's some of the inspiration we drew from the interwebs:

Ruined Terrain Inspiration 1

Ruined Terrain Inspiration 2

Ruined Terrain Inspiration 3

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