The Master Plan

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You can read more on our design goals in About Us, but Advanced Terrain's final goal is to have a complete city created: enough beautiful terrain pieces to adequately cover a 6' x 4' games table. And not just sparse terrain like might be seen in a WarHammer 40k game; we want it to look like a real city, with roads, sidewalks, multistory buildings, walls, gardens, hills, you name it. We're calling it... the city of Tarsus. Yes, that's a real city, we know... we'll be stealing a lot of names from the Greek and Roman eras!

Stylistically, we're looking at a kind of mashup of genres that will work for many different eras and games. We jokingly call the style "Osgothino": Osgilliath (from the Lord of the Rings movies) meets Gothic (think Games Workshop's Imperium) meets Monte Cassino (a beautiful monastery in Italy, which was largely destroyed during the Second World War).

Osgiliath + Imperium + Monte Cassino = WIN?

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