Going out of business sale! 50% everything left!!!

Posted by Patrick Brossard on December 26, 2019 0 Comments

Hey all,

Sad news - we obviously haven't been able to do much building or marketing lately, life and careers and family have curtailed hobby-time. So, instead of limping along indefinitely, we're going to make a clean break and close down! Sad for us, but possibly good news for you... EVERYTHING remaining is being marked down 50% and sold on eBay: Advanced Terrain items for sale. So if you were waiting for the right opportunity, it's here... and when the stock is gone, it is really gone this time.

Thanks for the fun, it's been a slice!

-Patrick & Team

Got some deals and steals going out on eBay this week

Posted by Patrick Brossard on November 04, 2017 0 Comments

While cleaning up up the workshop, we've been setting aside all our experiments, mistakes, and odds and ends for sale. We'll be posting stuff on eBay for a while, there's so much! Everything starts at just $4.99, so score yourself a deal:

Three Years Later...

Posted by Patrick Brossard on January 10, 2017 1 Comment

We're back! That was a looong time to be offline. Before anyone gets too excited, we are probably not back for long. This resurrection is a thinly disguised effort to clear out the garage and workshop, so it is not at all certain that Advanced Terrain will still be in business once the current stock runs out. But until then we'll eat, drink, and be merry.

Speaking of current stock, we are slowly unboxing and organizing things from the long hibernation. We've got a bit of unpainted inventory posted to the web store already, and should be able to organize some painted stock by the end of the month. Not sure we're going to do anymore painting though - it takes quite a bit of setup and supplies. We'll see how it goes, though.

Taking all stock down for a few months!

Posted by Patrick Brossard on January 13, 2014 8 Comments

Hey guys, 


We've really gone back to the drawing board in terms of our terrain design. We're going to be removing all stock from the online store for the next few months while we sculpt and mold. It's completely selfish, but running the store and sending out orders is time consuming and I'd rather be creating new stuff!

There were a number of people who had emailed for some pieces that were already out of stock, or some custom orders. I will definitely still be fulfilling those, so if you want anything specific, just shoot a mail to

There should be some interesting new stuff in a few months, so see you then!


USPS Shipping Rate Increases

Posted by Patrick Brossard on January 28, 2013 0 Comments

Well, the USPS has increased their shipping costs. Again. With them losing billions of dollars it's hard to get too angry, but they have really increased international costs significantly.

Here's some highlights from the changes:

First Class Package Intl Service - Canada (1 lb.)

WAS: $5.75

NOW: $10.55

First Class Package Intl Service - Asia, Europe (1 lb.)

WAS: $11.60

NOW: $16.75

Canada in particular gets punished in this rate increase. Full changes are summarized here.

So... I've had to increase shipping costs in turn. Sorry :(

Terrain for cheap! Factory Seconds now available on eBay...

Posted by Patrick Brossard on December 20, 2012 2 Comments

 We've opened an eBay store to sell off some old, can't-sell-as-is terrain we've had laying around the place for... way too long!

Check out the details on our Factory Seconds Page. All Terrain sets start at $0.99 cents!

New Painting Guide Posted

Posted by Patrick Brossard on December 17, 2012 0 Comments

Curious about saving some money by getting your terrain unpainted? But not sure how to paint it yourself to best effect? We've just posted two guides to painting your rubber terrain - one nice and easy, the other the exact same steps we use here at Advanced Terrain to achieve maximum durability. Read the guide here.

Finally... All sets in stock, painted and otherwise

Posted by Patrick Brossard on November 13, 2012 0 Comments

Finally got the webstore restocked - everything is available! The new sets are moving pretty quick though, I can see that I'll be needing to head back to the fume hood before long ;)

New Sets are In, and Prices have been Lowered!

Posted by Patrick Brossard on August 30, 2012 0 Comments

You heard right, we've been able to chop a significant chunk off some of our prices. It's not everyday you get that, particularly in the gaming world... no need to mention any names ;)

We're madly prepping, priming, and painting some sets to get the painted ones in stock, so for now it's just the raw rubber ones available. I'll have to post a bit of a painting FAQ for the adventurous - getting good paint adhesion to the rubber requires some extra care.

Next post from us will be when everything is back in stock. Back to the fume hood!

New Sets & Lower Prices!!!

Posted by Patrick Brossard on July 09, 2012 0 Comments

Hey, we've got some good news for you all... The Columns and Terrace sets are in production and on their way! We should be getting our first sets ready for sale by the end of July.

Next, some bad news - we are temporarily closing the web store, you'll find everything is out of stock. But the reason for this is fantastic: we're going to be able to lower our prices! How often does that happen nowadays? With the new stock coming in we've been able to save some steps, and money, on the production and we're lowering the set prices as a result. Don't worry, same crazy toughness, same great paint jobs.

We don't want any unlucky customers buying now and feeling ripped off when the prices drop, so we're just closing up shop until the new stock comes - should be by August. And besides, it's summer and the nice weather has finally come to Seattle ;)

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