Indestructible Pre-Painted 28mm Games Terrain

Wargame terrain so tough, you'll be passing it down to your children

Highly Detailed

  • Realistic detail on all sides
  • Smooth, level areas to ensure easy model placement
  • Pressure cast rubber to minimize imperfections
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Incredibly Tough

  • Made from durable, flexible rubber
  • Completely waterproof, shockproof
  • Tough, scratch-resistant coatings
  • Please avoid fire and phase weapons
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  • Works for sci-fi, historical, or fantasy settings - no anachronisms
  • Modular pieces allow a huge variety of layouts and combinations
  • Consistent colors and style make your table look great!

Ready to Play

  • From the box to the table-top - no gluing, painting or assembly
  • Not made to order - most orders ship in one business day.
  • Designed, cast & painted in the USA!
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Voices from the Rubble

  •   Attractive pieces that withstood getting hauled around in my backpack all day long. Highly recommended.  
  •   They look great, are of great quality and very sturdy. Very impressed with it and looking forward to what you guys do next.  
    — Stephen
  •   I have to say I am very pleased with the quality of the product.  
    — Brandon
  •   Nice looking, pre-painted, bomb proof terrain. How can you go wrong?  
    — Chris
  •   Just received my Ruins, they're fantastic! ...Looking forward to future sets.  
    — Martin
  •   I recieved my Ruins and Walls and wanted to say how thrilled I am. Wow. I cannot wait to see what you all will be turning out down the road.  
    — Karl
  •   They look great!   
    — Grant
  •   I received the terrain yesterday. It looks great... Keep up the good work.  
    — Kurt
  •   These are soo awesome, I really like the paint job and the detail is great.  
    — Josh
  •   Just dropping you a line to let you know the shipment arrived. and this terrain is fantastic!  
    — Erik